10,000 NFT Collection

0.02 ETH


Witches & Wolves

NFT collection of 10,000

After all 10,000 minted:

9% towards planting trees for removing methane & carbon dioxide greenhouse gases

21% towards Green Alternative & Renewable Businesses

88% of royalties towards a new generation of fuels & energy sources

Setup funds to support upcoming independent artist.

6% towards Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary

Limited access to Unreleased Collection

Give Aways:

For every 200 minted giveaway 5x purchase price ($3,000 x 50)

1 Tesla Model 3 ($50,000 in ETH)

With purchase of Witch receive 2nd NFT of Wolf that also represents +1 at future events


Climate Injustice

Climate change is one of the most important issues we face as a whole. We will bring awareness and make real change by investing to reduce, prevent and reverse the effects of climate change. With technologies we have the tools to change our current trajectory. Every small effort counts because doing our part can accumulate to a big impact towards the future.


88% Royalties towards new generation of fuels and energy sources


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