About Us

We want to take care of our NFT community as much as our world community

With partnerships, giveaways, and support, you will be rewarded for your commitment to the future. You are the hero in the story, without you the work does not get done. You are the solution to the problem of social injustice.

Our Community

Spread information, bring awareness and raise consciousness through protest, art and community outreach. We must work to create a better world now through personal actions, while simultaneously striving for a better future together. We are also creating the largest physical community with our social IRL Secret Society Clubs. With entertainment, VR and gaming stations, restaurant, bars and more. Your community will also have some of the largest Investments, Charity Donations and Giveaways.

It’s time to step forward, because small steps lead to high levels of potential. You provide a special role in your community. Together we can make a difference, succeeding as a whole.

Creating people power, instead of looking for scraps from capitalist monarchs. Coming together is essential because climate and injustice solutions will only last if they are created by and for the people. Your world community.

Project Mission

Inspired by social injustice, because every small act to bring awareness can make a world of difference. A world peace organization that will support and partner with social injustice groups to bring communities together, sharing something meaningful. You can join the elite mission and be special, because you are the change the world needs to end social injustices.

Witch Wolf

Climate Injustice

Climate change is one of the most important issues we face as a whole. Bringing awareness and making real change by investing to reduce, prevent and reverse the effects caused by human activity. We have the tools to change our current trajectory. Every small effort counts because doing our part can accumulate to a big impact.


Mech Masters

Hunger Water and food crises

The hunger water and food crises is important because we have the capability to prevent hunger. Utilizing our technologies and working to empower communities, can have a huge impact on becoming more resilient in times of need. With small farming and water recycling we can use less transportation, while also producing less waste that can go to hungry low income families.

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