Your support helps us combat climate change & donate to other causes

Secret Society

Witches & Wolves

NFT collection of 10,000

Donations & Environmental Causes

21% towards Green Alternative & Renewable Businesses

6% towards Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary

9% towards planting specific trees for capturing methane & carbon dioxide greenhouse gases

After all 10,000 minted:

Setup funds to support upcoming independent artist & help women learn coding

Open flagship SS bar/club with food, drinks, entertainment and special events (Theatrical Occult Rituals, human sacrifice, goddess worship, torture and more)

Revenue Share program from Bar/Club (1 NFT = 1 Share)

88% of royalties towards a new generation of fuels & energy sources

Limited access to unreleased collection

Give Aways:

For every 200 minted randomly giveaway 5x purchase price

1 Tesla Model 3 ($50,000 in ETH)

With purchase of Witch receive 2nd NFT of Wolf that also represents +1 at future events

CAUSE: Climate Injustice

Future Projects

👹 Elders and Elves

👻 Ghouls and Goyles

💀 Hunters and Hounds

🤖 Mech Masters

With the completion of project:

Release Secret Society World War Game

Super Secret High Society Club Events

Donations to social justice groups

Free meals for low income families

Fight for equality in pay gap; based on race, gender or sexuality

Free live-in facilities for alcohol and drug recovery in Low income communities.

Psychedelic therapy to help heal OCD, PTSD, alcoholism and depression

Fight against puppy mills and other such organizations

Donation towards anti-poching

Create free temporary living communities for abused, battered, and sex trafficking victims

CAUSE: Social Injustice

Mech Masters

NFT collection of 8

With purchase of 1:

Create Mech League Competition

Access to all Secret Society meetup Events with Top-Tier VIP access

Provide resilience in our food supply and water supply chain for future security.

Create safe havens for bee’s to thrive and ecosystems to flourish

CAUSE: Hunger, Water & Food Scarcity

Secret Society

The secret to being happy is making others happy. Be a go-giver, make a difference in your own way. Bring value to your community, because we are stronger together.


Social Justice

Our mission is to bring awareness to social injustice because we can empower people to be the best version of themselves. Together we can make a difference in this world battling climate injustice, racial injustice, gap pay, hunger and food scarcity. With your support to underprivileged communities, we can help these communities be self sufficient. By encouraging the arts, crafts, music, sports, gardening, as well as technology – from VR and the metaverse – we can help move forward into the new age of reality. We need your help to make that change for the better because we can all do our part to make a difference in this world. When we all care about our planet, then we all succeed.



My passions include art, fighting for social justice and being an advocate for climate change. My point of view is that life itself and everything around us can be a miracle if you are fortunate enough to follow your passions & fight for what you believe. It can also be fun, filled with color and expressive through art




What is an NFT?

NFTs or “non-fungible-tokens” are unique, one of one, digital assets that are secured by a blockchain, like Ethereum. NFTs often take form of an image, video or song, where the holder has full blockchain proven ownership of the asset.

Secret Society NFT’s are Entirely unique and allow the holder access to the secret realms of the Metaverse and beyond as a Member Card holder

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